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Never Enough Spoons

Never Enough Spoons

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Is your life filled with days where your energy just isn't enough? Our "Not Enough Spoons" button is the perfect symbol for those living with limited resources, both mentally and physically.

The Spoon Theory

For those days when you barely have enough energy to get out of bed, our button is a subtle nod to The Spoon Theory. It serves as a reminder to you and others that it's okay not to always have the strength.

Talking About Mental Health

When the spoons are gone, let the button speak for you. When you have a spoon left, you can use the button as:

  • Empathy and Understanding: A conversation starter that spreads awareness about invisible illnesses.
  • Style with Meaning: A stylish way to express your experiences and gain support.
  • Humor and Seriousness: Balances humor and serious awareness in a striking manner.

Get your "Not Enough Spoons" button today and wear it with pride. For those days when it feels like the spoons aren't enough, let this button speak for you.

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